New Approaches to Video Production

Adtech provides a unique "Personality Concepting" and "Graphic Design" approaches to video production. Our specialty is 3D videos where your entire story is told with animation in a 3D animated world. Whether you need a "traditional" video or prefer a 3D video, we handle the entire project from start to finish: from original concept, to script writing, through videography (if opting for traditional video), graphics and animation, multi-layered editing and audio sweetening, to final mastering on DVD or Blu-ray and other electronic media outputs as needed.

"Personality Concept" Driven Production

All really successful media communication is essentially one person speaking to the heart and mind of another. So we approach your video by concepting it; starting from strong background research of your company, your target audience, and your competition. We then create a "personality" for the video that projects a clearly identifiable, compelling, unified, and persuasive story about your message … giving the whole video the demeanor, and personality characteristics of a single person. The result is that the viewer is very deeply engaged, and feels he is directly connecting with a powerful person with a great story to tell.

Unique Graphic Design Approach

Graphic design is now clearly a necessary part of today's effective video communications … just watch commercial television. With our decades of high-end graphic design expertise we integrate a graphic design feel and sensibility into every video scene, transition, and visual element. This creates a visually rich and powerful video that is a compelling synthesis of graphic design and real world imagery. Applying this strong graphic design viewpoint to every visual creates a product that not only informs, but breaks through video's old production standards to persuade and touch people in a deeper way.

3D Computer Animated Videos

Because of our comprehensive 3D animation capabilities, Adtech is in the unique position to offer clients complete 3D video solutions. We can take your technical animation needs from concept through scriptwriting, voice over, music and editing as we create your technical animations and move them within 3D environments. 3D videos tell a story with enhanced interest and excitement without the added time and expense of dealing with video shoots and talent.

Project Specific Production Teams

With over 75 years of combined experience, our video production teams have diverse expertise to handle your unique communication needs. We work with a large group of experienced writers, directors, producers, videographers, editors, as well as having an industry wide selection of on and off screen talent. We assemble a production team with strengths and specific backgrounds to fit your particular needs and budget.

3D Computer Animated Videos

With our broad animation expertise, Adtech is in the unique position to offer clients complete 3D computer animated video solutions. We take client materials such as charts, graphs, images, video etc, add 3D animations as needed, and move everything in a compelling way within a specially created 3D environment. From concept through scriptwriting, voice over, music and editing, our 3D videos tell a story with enhanced interest and excitement without the added time and expense of dealing with video shoots and talent.

More than Thirty Years Experience In Graphics/Animation

While graphics and animation are only a small part of most production companies, a significant part of our business has been serving many of the Fortune 500's top corporations and ad agencies with award winning two and three-dimensional graphics/animation since 1982. Our animation tools include high-end SGI UNIX workstations and Houdini software that is truly unique in the market. From 3D animated identity pieces, to animated characters, we have a proven track record of high-end graphics/animation production so impressive that we frequently sell our graphics/animation services to other production companies.