Identity Design for Electronic Media

Adtech Communications Group has a proven track record in designing electronic graphics and animation that convey, on both a conscious and unconscious level, the essence of your company. We specialize in understanding the unique psychology of design for each of the emerging electronic media, as well as how to maximize cross-media reinforcement.

More than Thirty Years of Exceptional Experience

Since 1977 we have been at the forefront of corporate identity design for some of the world's largest companies such as: 3M, Ecolab, Tennant Company, Goodrich, Fisher-Rosemount, Control Data, Dupont, Carlson Companies, National Car Rental, Hormel Foods, General Mills, Anderson Windows, Caterpillar Inc., GMAC-RFC, Lifetime Fitness, Prudential Insurance, Dow Chemical, Proctor and Gamble, Texas Instruments, Graco, KMSP-TV, Alpine Industries, Datacard Group.

Strong Research Based Approach

We draw upon our former advertising agency background to fully research the core abstract qualities that you need to convey, how you stand with the competition, what the changing market forces are, what your historical image has been, and what your image needs to be to successfully move into the future.

Visual Image Plan (VIP)

Our commitment to you goes far beyond the simple spinning of a logo. Adtech recognizes the need not only for a high quality, consistent look of your logo across media, but also for consistency in surrounding graphic elements. Our Visual Image Plan includes logo animation, as well as a series of graphic elements and backgrounds that all reinforce each other to convey the essence of your company in a coordinated way. The Visual Image Plan acts as a set of electronic media standards and elements (similar to your logo print standards) that can be distributed to all your video, interactive and web vendors … with assurance of effectiveness and consistency.

Coordination of All Electronic Media

As a design company that specializes in electronic media, we are very familiar with the common and the very unique demands of each medium. Our design implementation for each medium is looked at in its' visual context, as well as the medium's ever shifting technical capabilities, to provide consistent, powerful and coordinated image repetition across all the electronic media. Core data files are shared between the media to achieve cost savings.

Identity Graphics for Theme Programs

In addition to creating an identity piece for a theme program, our capabilities can expand on that to include creation of virtual video sets, such a take off on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire". Or we can round out your theme presentation with a three dimensional journey through your company's past, or to the future with special visual and sound effects … all fully coordinated with the core theme design.