New and Intensely Engaging Interactive Medium

3D Interactive is a unique, immersive, multimedia, storytelling medium which allows a user to explore your products and services in a whole new way. It is a 3D Explorer with real-time user interactions and preprogrammed animations which engage and draw prospects into what interests them most, leveraging their curiosity and involvement. Action takes place within a 3D virtual environment where 3D models of products/services are showcased in real time, with an exceptionally high quality look using chrome and glass surfaces, as well as photos, videos, and audio.

How 3D Interactive Presentations Work

3D Interactive presentations provide the user with an array of tools to explore a 3D environment. For example, our 3D Interactive with Lockheed Martin's Aegis destroyer has a 3D model of the ship center stage (see left top three images). The user can interact directly with the model, rotate around it, zoom in close to explore the ship assets such as radar, go below deck, or make walls translucent to look inside. Click a left screen button for preprogrammed moves. Launch a missile and follow it from multiple points of view as it approaches and hits its target. Use the scrubber bar to follow the action back and forth. Scroll over areas of the ship which highlight and provide pop up information. The right side of the screen has additional video/scrolling text information to help inform and sell your product. Virtually any moves, interface options, and features can be custom programmed for the user to experience real-time within a 3D Interactive environment.

Unique Opportunity & Blend of Expertise

Giving your customers a 3D interactive "test drive" with your latest products and services engages them in the buying process and sets you apart from your competitors. Adtech is one of just a few companies in the world using this unique programming. We combine a singular combination of technical animation, interactive design and programming expertise which is critical to make these presentations truly impressive and effective. So our 3D Interactive presentations not only function and look great, they are also designed to psychologically engage the user. Our head 3D Interactive designer has studied with a man who has a Masters degree in the psychology of interactive media. The 3D models we use for 3D Interactive presentations can be repurposed for stand-alone technical animations and for the web.

Uses for 3D Interactive Presentations

3D interactive presentations are often used at trade shows and high level meetings where sales representatives are also present. By their very nature these presentations engage the customer and allow the sales representative a unique opportunity to interact with the customer based on their specific interests. Use 3D Interactive presentations to showcase your products and services, or to convey high level concepts difficult to show in other ways. Also, by using this cutting edge technology you are giving the impression of your company as innovative and forward thinking. We can help you supplement 3D presentations by re-purposing 3D Interactive models for videos and print materials for sales representative discussions.

Proven Track Record

Our client list includes companies such as: Lockheed Martin, 3M, Honeywell, General Mills, Goodrich, Carlson Companies, Tennant Company, Despatch Industries, Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Control Data Systems, Dupont, Sears, Hubbard Broadcasting, National Car Rental, Hormel Foods, Anderson Windows, Caterpillar Inc., GMAC, Lifetime Fitness, Prudential Insurance, Deluxe Corporation, Datacard Group, Miller Beer, and many more!