Experts in 3D Technical Animation

For more than 30 years Adtech Communications Group has been advancing our 3D technical animation expertise to offer clients leading edge technical animation solutions from stand alone technical pieces to 3D videos and fully 3D interactive technical presentations. Our clients appreciate the 3D technical animations we produce for them because we incorporate both creative and technical aspects into the project as we keep in mind their overall communication goals. The result is a highly polished final product that is both effective and impressive.

Proven Track Record With Global Clients

Global companies such as Lockheed Martin, Goodrich, Honeywell, 3M, Despatch Industries, Ecolab, Makita, Despatch Industries and many others come to us for technical animations because they know we have a proven track record creating excellent technical animations; we get them done right and on time even under tight time constraints. We almost always win technical animation projects in competitive situations and prospects come to us to fix technical animations they have had done through other companies. Our expertise and experience in this area makes us the "go to" company for technical animation.`

Technical Image Plan (TIP)

The Technical Image Plan is a cost effective way to maximize your technical animation budget by creating a library of high quality technical animations that can be immediately called upon for use in videos, PowerPoint, 3D interactive, and web productions. This ready-made library of product-specific animations saves time in preparing electronic media productions, as well as reduces the cost per animation, while maintaining a consistent, high quality look throughout your product's electronic media. High-resolution still images can be output for print purposes.

3D Computer Animated Videos

Because of our comprehensive 3D animation capabilities, Adtech is in the unique position to offer clients complete 3D video solutions. We can take your technical animation needs from concept through scriptwriting, voice over, music and editing as we create your technical animations and move them within 3D environments. 3D videos tell a story with enhanced interest and excitement without the added time and expense of dealing with video shoots and talent.

A Winning Combination of Technical Skill & Creative Insight

Creating highly sophisticated technical animation requires an intimate understanding of the physics and mathematics of how complex systems operate. Our head animator, Robert, has decades of experience creating exceptional technical animations. From working with data intensive engineering models such as CAD and SolidWorks to reverse engineering a product just by looking at it, Robert has the know how to create technical animations that work. He also has the creative finesse to bring a level of gorgeous to models, lighting, reflections, and 3D moves that engages and inspires viewers.

3D Fully Interactive Presentations

Adtech is one of only a few companies in the United States that can provide you with a 3D interactive presentation with attention getting, gorgeous chrome and glass surfaces. Get your prospects excited about your products and services by giving them a 3D interactive "test drive". For example, imagine a prospect viewing a "firing furnace" by opening access doors, making the outside transparent, zooming in close up to see the heating and cooling action and flying through the whole unit from overhead, all at the click of a mouse. Create a truly multimedia experience by adding, videos, music, testimonials, text documents, links to specific web sites and more, all within a single 3D presentation.