Excellence in Animation

Since 1982 Adtech has excelled in producing a wide range of computer/graphic animation services such as: targeted identity animations, building of computer generated worlds, spirited 2-D and 3-D character animation, eye-catching animated television spots, as well as animated graphics and special effects for video productions and 3D interactive presentations.

Unique "Communications Goal" Approach

We differ from "effects oriented" graphic companies by first clarifying the main communications goals of your project. Then we use in-depth research of your viewing audience, your competition, market forces, and historical imagery which allows us to clarify the abstract qualities that need to be conveyed. The results of this strong communications approach are powerful custom graphics that tell your whole story in only a few seconds … and convey the "soul" of your project to the viewer on both conscious and subconscious levels.

More than Thirty Years Experience

Our head animator, Robert Persons, started with the computer graphics industry in 1982 when it was in its' infancy. This long history has given him a unique understanding of every aspect of computer graphics as it has been developed. As a result he has an exceptionally large repertoire of graphic techniques to choose from when creating your special animation project. His particularly strong ability to choreograph 3-D animation has won Adtech many awards. He also has a proven track record of repeatedly delivering an exceptional product, on time and on budget.

Proven Track Record

Our client list includes companies such as: Lockheed Martin, 3M, Honeywell, General Mills, Goodrich, Despatch Industries, Carlson Companies, Tennant Company, Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Dupont, Sears, Hubbard Broadcast, National Car Rental, Hormel Foods, Anderson Windows, Caterpillar Inc., GMAC, Lifetime Fitness, Prudential Insurance, Dow Chemical, Proctor & Gamble, AT&T, Texas Instruments, Graco, Deluxe Corporation, KMSP-TV, KXJB-TV, KMSQ-TV, Super America, Alpine Industries, Datacard Group, Miller Beer, and many more!

Industry's Best High End Tools

We create our work with some of the best feature rich software solutions such as Houdini 3-D software, which is the mainstay of special effects artists working on international feature films. Add to this custom programming, and a variety of 2-D paint and compositing software such as the award winning Particle Illusion software, and you will see why we have graphics/animation capabilities that surpasses most of the competition. We also integrate our graphics production with a full range of high quality finishing tools such as the award winning Adobe Premiere non-linear video editing system, After Effects, digital audio editing, and a complete set of support tools. This allows us to hand you a totally complete final product. And since we have these full finishing capabilities in-house, we can easily reformat your graphics for the unique needs of each of the electronic media. We provide you with complete graphic communications solutions from concept to final execution.

Fast & Efficient Electronic Delivery Process

We work fast and effectively with companies throughout the US and beyond, often under tight time constraints, because our review and delivery process is entirely electronic. Previews during development are quickly and easily accessed through our download site for efficient review and approval. Once final animation tweaks are made we output it in the digital format you need, and then make the final animation presentation immediately available to you at our download site. This electronic review and delivery process guarantees a final product you can receive in a timely fashion, anywhere in the world.