Integrated Design Services for Electronic Media

We provide full communications oriented design and production for each of the electronic media, and also integrate the overall look to provide image consistency across media. Our knowledge of the common, as well as the unique, demands of each media means that we can write standards of usage for the electronic media, providing your company with a consistent overall image that projects well in each medium.

Graphics/Animation Production

Since 1982, Adtech has pioneered the creative use of 2D and 3D computer graphics. Head Animator Robert Persons uses an array of high-end computer graphics tools such as Houdini and proprietary software on SGI UNIX based workstations, the same configurations used by leading international special effects companies. We have received many awards for our animated identity pieces, animated characters, as well as technical animation and television commercials.

Video Production Services

We bring a strong "graphic design" approach to creating videos. By looking at every shot, and every transition as a graphic design element, the overall result is a very strongly coherent and emotionally powerful product. We handle every step of the entire video production, from original concept, to script writing, through video shooting, posting, and audio sweetening. Our high end, non–linear editing system is networked seamlessly with Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator and high-end 3-D and 2-D paint and multi-layer compositing software including the award winning Particle Illusion.

3D Interactive Production Services

Adtech provides clients with real-time 3D interactive presentations. Excite your prospects about your products & services by giving them a 3D interactive "test drive". For example, imagine a prospect interacting with a 3D model of a destroyer on the ocean. The user rotates around the ship, zooms in close to see 3D models of guns, radar & etc, goes below deck to zoom through the control room, tracks enemy submarines & fires missiles to take them out all at the click of a mouse. Add videos, music, testimonials, text documents etc, for a rich interactive experience.

3D Computer Animated Videos

Given our 3D animation expertise, Adtech is a unique position to offer clients compelling fully 3D computer animated video solutions. From concept through scriptwriting, voice over, music and editing, we tell your story, in a persuasive way through animation within a carefully sculpted 3D environment. These 3D animated videos enhance interest and excitement without the added time and expense of dealing with video shoots and talent.

Identity Design Services

We've excelled in creating highly effective Visual Image Plans (VIP) for companies for many years. Companies such as 3M, Honeywell, and GMAC-RFC have been our repeat customers for overall corporate image development, as well as theme programs. We are strong on researching the core abstract qualities that need to be conveyed, then translating them into complete video, interactive and web visual design packages.